Friday, September 19, 2014


"Preserve Hernando County Now!"
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Effective:  Immediately, Friday, September 19, 2014

Contact:  Brian Moore, 352-686-9936 or Cell 352-585-2907

Brooksville, Florida (Hernando County), Friday, September 19, 2014:

In the drizzling rain of Friday morning, Hernando County Commission
candidate Brian Moore, displayed his first of 100 new yard signs, to
scores of passing and waiting cars, with the message "MOORE for
Commissioner," in forest green colors, on white,at the corner of Barclay
Ave. and Spring Hill Drive, from 10:40 AM until 11:45 AM (near a Publix
store and Veterans Expressway).  It is also the intersection where
Anderson Snow Road begins, south of
Spring Hill Drive.

Moore also had a guest column published this Friday in the Tampa Tribune's
edition of the Hernando Today newspaper (see link and copy below)
objecting to the penny sales tax co-sponsored by the county commission and
county school board.


TAMPPA TRIBUNE'S HERNANDO TODAY, Friday, September 19, 2014

"Moore: The penny for profit tax"

Guest columnist

The November referendum proposing a 1 cent sales tax for Hernando County,
over a 10-year period, costing $173 million, under the joint collaboration
of a 12 cent portion each, by the county commission and the county school
board, is nothing but a ³bait and switch² tactic.

The county administrator, Len Sossamon, and five county commissioners, are
using the image of education and school children to obtain taxpayer money
for projects involving business interests and profits. The school district
is no less guilty in its maneuvers, by scaring citizens about having to
close schools if the tax fails.

Both entities claim long-lasting value in the projects for which the sales
tax revenue would be used, such as new computers and take-home tablets,
for all students, at a cost of $63 million; or, the commissioners claim a
handful of needs at the Brooksville airport for a runway extension, a new
landing system, a broadband system and a customs facility totaling $11.5
million. Plus, the commission is proposing to use its 12 cent tax
revenues with questionable road expansion projects costing $57 million,
and a nebulous category of ³economic development² at $11.5 million.

Both government groups, along with the city of Brooksville, a third minor
recipient of the sales tax revenues, at about $8.7 million, are now
talking of the benefits of working together. Of course, that was not the
case six months ago when the county commissioners kept a moratorium on any
new home and transportation impact fees, which have traditionally provided
important revenues to schools and for road repairs and maintenance. This
³change of heart² on both sides, speaks glaringly of the lengths the
commission will go in order to gain increased revenues for its aggressive
but contrived new economic development plans. Similarly, this new
collaborative spirit that the new school superintendent now refers to,
speaks volumes to demonstrating the weak position the school district has
put itself in, and now must present a positive face on a questionable
collaborative effort. This joint effort could doom the school district¹s
normally easily renewable 12 cent tax, in place of approaching the
community alone, as done in the past.

Adding insult to injury, the educational system, especially for
impressionable high school students, is supposed to be building character
and self confidence amongst its youth by teaching the values of integrity,
courage and standing up for principle and values, but in this most public
of cases, they have miserably failed. They are demonstrating the lack of
backbone, and an unwillingness to take their fight back to the county
commission. Instead, they are imposing their so-called financial needs,
which is now questionable, on the backs of its citizens of Hernando

Brian P. Moore is a candidate running under no party affiliation for the
Hernando County Commission in District 4. Email him at

Twitter: @VoteBrianMoore

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Monday, September 15, 2014

WWJB Radio Interview

Brian will be interviewed on WWJB at 10:00 AM on September 23. Listen at 1450 AM, 103.9 FM, 101.1 FM or streaming at

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Brian's campaign flyers

Please follow these links to see a PDF of Brian's flyers. The first link is a web version of the flyer. The second link is a two-sided version for anyone who would like to print the flyer to give to their family, friends and neighbors.

Click here to read Brian's flyer

Click here for a printable version of Brian's flyer (two sided). 

Neighbors Against Mining fundraiser

Brian attended the Neighbors Against Mining fundraiser at the end of August.

Brian's Campaign Posters


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Brian testifies at Planning and Zoning Meeting

Brian testifies at the July 14th Hernando County Planning and Zoning committee urging them to rule against the rezoning proposal submitted by Cemex to expand its limerock mining. Brian was the lone commission candidate to have opposed the proposed mining expansion. Many other citizens spoke against the rezoning proposal, too. The committee voted it down 4-1, and it now will go before the County Commission in December for a final decision.